Our Quest and CIT (Counselors in Training) programs are the final steps for our campers before becoming eligible to join the staff as Junior Counselors. This program provides a tremendous learning situation for young teens as they assist and share experiences with our Senior Counselors. There are options for participation in regular camp activities as well.  This program is open to campers who are 13 and 14 years of age. See options below for details.


This program is designed for teens, 13 and 14 years old, who would prefer to take part in regular camp activities throughout the day, as opposed to working with campers. This program is essentially a camper schedule, offering the same exciting activities enjoyed throughout camp.  The Freedom program runs all eight weeks.


The Quest Program is designed for the camper who is interested in learning how to work with children. A Quest member must come to camp with a real interest in taking on the additional responsibility of being an integral part of the counselor team. The Quest and Freedom members will have a full camp schedule together for the first two weeks of camp.  The Quest members will then have the opportunity to apply for a full-day assignment to a Group or Specialty. The Freedom’s counselors will then assign them to a full-day assistant role. Assignments will be made based on requests.

Counselor staff will also provide weekly training opportunities for Quest to facilitate their transition from a camper to staff mentality. They will be formally evaluated by the Senior Staff with whom they are working, as well as the Freedom staff. The evaluation process will determine whether they would be recommended to join the CIT program in their second year or whether the Quest member would be better served in the Freedom program.


A prerequisite for this Counselor in Training program is a recommendation by the Head Counselor and CIT staff in order to achieve this level. This program is designed for the camper who has shown a high level of maturity and judgment, together with a strong interest in working with children. Although still considered a staff “in training”, the CIT will be permanently assigned to assist all day throughout the season with a group or at a specialty, based upon their requests.  This program is an exceptional learning experience for the 14 year old who would like to be considered for a Junior Counselor position the following summer.  CITs must attend a minimum of 4 weeks.  CITs will receive a 1/3 tuition discount. In addition, they will be paid a stipend of $100 for an 8-week commitment. Those enrolled less than 8 weeks will receive a stipend pro-rated for the number of weeks enrolled.  CITs are offered the opportunity to attend a preseason staff orientation.


No off-campus trips are scheduled for the summer of 2021, although we are constantly monitoring guidance with a view to implementing changes.